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Competitive Gymnastics

Our EPIC Competitive Team is the most demanding program our club has to offer. Our athletes push themselves to the limit every day, challenging themselves to see how far they can go. They can look forward to supportive coaches who will inspire them to success; they will build life-long character, discipline, and friendships.

Currently offering WAG (Women's Artistic) competitive gymnastics only.

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For girls 5-9 years, in levels 1-3. Training hours are limited to prevent “burnout” and to leave the child eager for more. Much time is spent learning the general motor patterns and the physical and mental habits necessary for a competitive gymnast. The girls are exposed to audience/performance situations in gradually increasing ways, and attend competitions across Ontario.

This program is by invitation only.

Monthly Fees



For girls 8-16 years, in levels 3-5. Athletes selected for this team are enthusiastic about further developing their skill level, and in learning the compulsory routines on each event in preparation for competitions. These gymnasts will be given the opportunity to compete when they are ready. The emphasis is on having each athlete do their best, and enjoying the experiences of training and competing. Athletes in Levels 3-5, ages 9+ are eligible to qualify for Provincial Championships at the end of each season.

This program is by invitation only.

Monthly Fees



For girls 9-17 years, in levels 6-8. Optional levels require the highest level of dedication and a minimum of 16 hours a week training. Routines are customized to the strengths and talents of the individual, with an emphasis on more difficult skills approached in a safe, controlled environment. Currently only offering up to level 8.

This program is by invitation only.

Monthly Fees


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Fall Recreational Session Starts Monday, September 13th